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    Bio packaging materials have broad prospects and achieve sustainable development.
    Publisher£ºyuhuanchangkun       Release time£º2018/4/13

    In the near future, the world's first plastic packaging supermarket opened smoothly in Amsterdam, Holland, and all the products in the store were made of biomaterials. The so-called biological material is to use biotechnology to process green environmental protection or natural materials into packaging application materials.
    Nowadays, plastic packaging has become a major difficulty in protecting the ecological environment. Such traditional packaging not only consumes a lot of resources, but also aggravates white pollution. The emergence of biological packaging materials is very important for this. Some countries in Europe have begun to use oil film and protein as food packaging materials. For example, a beer factory in Denmark is developing a kind of wood fiber wine bottle, which uses more environmentally friendly packaging materials to achieve green degradation. For example, Holland is also committed to produce cheaper, more environmentally friendly bio based plastic packaging materials, and plans to achieve business in two years. It can be seen that biological packaging materials have broad prospects and will be applied to various fields in the future.
    Why can bio packaging materials achieve green environmental protection? This is closely related to its processing mode and material selection. Biological packaging materials mainly include starch packaging materials, straw packaging materials, molded pulp packaging materials, etc. Starch packaging is a hot research topic in recent years, mainly developed in edible packaging. For example, starch itself can form film by emulsification, and it can be applied to candy packaging. At present, such thin films have been applied to the packaging of vegetables, fruits and pastries in developed countries such as the US.

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