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       specializing in the production of CK-A600-type vacuum nitrogen packaging machine for all kinds of fresh fruit, snack food, medicine and chemical, local products, electronic components, quartz crucible, non-ferrous metals,precious calligraphy, antiques, jade, vegetables and flowers can reach the antioxidant, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, the moisture crisper role. Applicable to the packaging of food and beverage industry, food, rice, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, alcohol and tobacco, clothing, chemicals, home textiles, gifts, flowers, crafts, toys, hardware and other nitrogen.CK-A600-type vacuum nitrogen packaging machine Overview: of CK-A600 type vacuum nitrogen packaging machine, our company developed a new type vacuum nitrogen packaging machine. Advanced microcomputer integrated circuit control system, the Chinese character display operation interface, easy operation. Machine design novel, set their own nitrogen, vacuum, nitrogen, sealed packaging in one, a machine can greatly enhance the product nitrogen packaging the product¡¯s shelf life.

       In Icheon City, Yuhuan Chang Kun machinery, packaging machinery company, which produces: vacuum nitrogen packaging machine, nitrogen packaging machines, modified atmosphere packaging machine, outside pumping vacuum nitrogen packaging machine, outside pumping CK-A600 vacuum packing machine, alkaline ionized water machines, electrolytic ion water machine, ion water machine, ozone machine, industrial oxygen generator, nitrogen generator, nitrogen generator, bags of water production equipment, bags of water equipment , packaging machines.

       Yuhuan Chang Kun machinery Co., Ltd. is a production and operation of vacuum nitrogen packaging machine, integrated provider of nitrogen packaging machines, packaging equipment. Is one of the professional company for more comprehensive domestic business preservation, and packaging devices, can provide the most comprehensive and professional advice to service customers, the most suitable, optimal packaging solutions.

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