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    The sanitary paper machine transformed by Ding Chang papermaking machinery succeeds in succession.
    Publisher£ºyuhuanchangkun       Release time£º2018/4/13

    A few days ago, the Jiangsu Jiangyin city of Ding Chang paper machinery and the Shaanxi Famen Temple paper industry signed 7 sanitary paper machine transformation agreement, the widen 2600mm, speed 180m/min of the ordinary circular web toilet machine, through a special crescent type toilet paper machine flow pulp box, transformed into a crescent type toilet paper machine. No. 1 - machine No. 5 has been successfully opened in 2017.
    For the first time, the number 6 and No. 7 of the first full - deinking pulp have been successfully opened in February 3, 2018. The two paper machines have the same energy consumption as the whole wood pulp. The speed of the modified toilet machine is 520m/min.

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