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    Forecast and analysis of China's intelligent manufacturing industry in the past 2018-2022 years
    Publisher£ºyuhuanchangkun       Release time£º2018/4/13

    Analysis of influencing factors
    One, favorable factors
    (I) policy support
    In December 2016, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially released the development plan of intelligent manufacturing (2016-2020 years). The plan proposed that before 2025, the "two step" strategy for the implementation of intelligent manufacturing was carried out. The first step was: by 2020, the basic and supporting capacity of the intelligent manufacturing was enhanced obviously. The key areas of the traditional manufacturing industry were basically digitized, and the intelligent transformation of the key industries with conditions and foundations has made obvious progress; the second step, By 2025, the support system of intelligent manufacturing has basically been established, and the key industries will initially achieve intelligent transformation.
    At the same time, the plan puts forward ten key tasks: one is to speed up the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment, the two is to strengthen the key common technology innovation, the three is to build the intelligent manufacturing standard system, the four is to build the basis of the industrial Internet, the five is to increase the demonstration and promotion of the intelligent manufacturing pilot, and the six to promote the intelligent transformation in key fields, seven It is to promote the intelligent transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, eight is to cultivate intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, the nine is to promote the cooperative development of regional intelligent manufacturing, and the ten is to create a team of intelligent manufacturing talents.
    (two) great potential for development
    In recent years, China's manufacturing industry is facing the double pressure of rising labor force and raw material cost, the traditional cost advantage is gradually disappearing, and the transformation of manufacturing industry is imminent. Under such circumstances, the wave of intelligent manufacturing arises at the historic moment and becomes an important growth breakthrough for industry. The deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry is triggering far-reaching industrial changes, forming new mode of production, industrial form, business model and economic growth point.
    At present, some areas in China are outstanding and grow into the forefront of intelligent manufacturing. Haining, Zhejiang Province, is one of the representatives, as one of the most potential cities in the Yangtze River Delta region, it has a certain change foundation in the new generation of information technology and industrial integration development. No matter from geographical location, economic basis or human settlement environment, it shows excellent advantages and broad prospects for development.
    (three) Ali cloud opens "new manufacturing" with artificial intelligence
    The artificial intelligence ET (artificial intelligence system) is provided for the manufacturing industry to allow the machine and manufactured products of the factory to have the ET brain, and help the manufacturing industry to upgrade its intelligence through the universal computing power of the public cloud and the Internet of things technology. This is the new trend in the "new manufacturing" field of Ali Yun ET, and also a heavy release issue of the 2016 Guangdong provincial big data developer conference in Huizhou and the Guangdong branch of the 2016 cloud convention in December 15, 2016.
    At present, Ali cloud is building a prototype of China's manufacturing 2025 architecture, providing cloud computing platform for enterprises. Based on the powerful computing power that cloud computing brings to society, artificial intelligence will bring 25% of the production efficiency of China's manufacturing industry and create an additional additional value of 6 trillion. 4 new technologies, represented by cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, will become the key to improve the efficiency of China's manufacturing industry.
    (four) the standard system of manufacturing is gradually improved
    In August 2016, the General Administration of quality inspection, the state standards committee and the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly compiled the plan for standardization and quality improvement of the equipment manufacturing industry together with the relevant departments. In the plan, it is clearly pointed out that by 2020, the standard system of industrial base, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing is basically perfect, the standard of quality safety is in line with the international standard, and the conversion rate of international standard in key areas is more than 90%. By 2025, the equipment manufacturing industry standard body of the system supporting and service industry is integrated across the border. The system is basically sound, and the international influence of standards and quality of equipment manufacturing industry has been greatly improved.
    It is particularly stressed that the plan is based on the new generation of information technology, high-grade CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high technology ships, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy saving and new energy vehicles, power equipment, agricultural equipment, new materials, high sex medical equipment and equipment. Standardization and quality promotion requirements.
    Two, adverse factors
    (1) non rigid market demand
    Although the wide application of information, automation and intelligence is the long-term theme of the development of the national economy, the final performance of the intelligent equipment Domain company shows a great difference. Intelligent equipment industry needs long-term investment in science and technology, forming product innovation capability, and is accepted by users. Investment in science and technology will consume corporate profits and it will not be effective in the short term. The success of product development will face uncertain market demand. These requirements are usually non rigid, though intelligent equipment instead of manual labor is the general trend. The confidence and expectation of the managers of micro enterprises are often difficult to get rid of the impact of the macro-economy, which causes the entrepreneurs to make decisions in a cis cycle rather than a counter cycle, the macroeconomic impact is aggravated, and the invisible hand effect is limited.
    Every dynamic enterprise in the field of intelligent equipment is seeking and exploring rigid demand that is strong in demand and free from cyclical fluctuations. Facing the demand, only a few enterprises will stand out from the competition with the comprehensive competitive advantage and become the leader of the industry. Even so, the success of the enterprise also to experience the process of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore only see gold.
    (two) increase in cost
    In order to carry out the transformation and upgrade from the general manufacturing to the 4 strategy of intelligent manufacturing and industry, the companies will increase their R & D investment, which leads to greater investment in infrastructure and equipment, and the growth of R & D expenditure and artificial cost. The increase of R & D and labor cost cost may lead to the decrease of product profit rate.

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