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    Express packaging exploration, sharing recycling, promoting green packaging action.
    Publisher£ºyuhuanchangkun       Release time£º2018/4/13

    The latest data released by the State Post Office show that in 2017, the volume of China's express delivery business was 40 billion 100 million, an increase of 28% compared to the same period last year, ranking the highest in the world in 4 years. According to the calculation standard of packing each express 0.2 kilograms a year, produced more than 8 million tons of solid waste "day".
    With the rapid development of e-commerce, the use of express packaging and takeaway packaging has been widely used. Waste pollution has become a social concern. "In the absence of a comprehensive recovery system, the circulation utilization rate of the express package is very low, and the problems of the overflow of waste, the loss of resources and the pollution of the environment are becoming more and more prominent." Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning holding group, suggested that we should improve laws and regulations as soon as possible, and vigorously promote the green packaging of express industry.
    The standard 10 years ago has lagged behind
    In the near future, the state has introduced the "implementation plan of promoting the green packaging work of express delivery industry", "guidance on promoting the green packaging work of express delivery industry synergy", which has a guiding significance to the green package and garbage collection of express industry. "At the specific operation level, there are still many gaps in the green packaging and garbage collection of express industry, and regulations and regulations need to be updated urgently," Zhang Jindong said. Taking express waste recycling as an example, except for the storage, storage and recovery (destruction) of express waybill, the other parts of the express package can only refer to the standard of "packaging and packaging waste" issued in 2008. The standard of 10 years ago has lagged behind.
    "We should improve the relevant standards and laws and regulations of the green package of the express industry as soon as possible, improve the practicality and operability, formulate special support policies and incentive mechanisms, and encourage enterprises to explore all kinds of green solutions independently.

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