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    Analysis on the safety status and Countermeasures of the dissolving pulp industry in China
    Publisher£ºyuhuanchangkun       Release time£º2018/4/13

    Industrial safety research has been widely studied in the early stage of China's entry into WTO. But the passage of time, the current world situation compared with the time has changed, the world economic structure is changing. The issue of industrial safety also needs to redefine the research with the development of the times.
    The development of dissolving pulp industry in China can be divided into two stages. The first stage is: dissolving pulp to textile department. At the beginning of the development of chemical fiber industry in 1956, the state made clear that the viscose industry belongs to the Ministry of textile industry, and the papermaking and dissolving pulp belong to the Ministry of light industry. In order to dissolve the quality of the pulp, the Ministry of textiles and the light industry department quarreled until the State Council designated the production of the dissolving pulp to the Ministry of textile industry in 1960, and the Jilin tasimun paper mill was assigned to the textile Ministry and changed its name to the factory of Kai Shan Tun chemical fiber slurry. In 1964, the plant introduced Swedish equipment to transform the capacity to 35 thousand tons / year. The Ministry of light industry only pulp and paper products, regardless of dissolving pulp. The second stage is the coordination stage of the paper Association. In 2008, Fujian South Paper reformed its equipment and technology to produce dissolving pulp. The production line is now shut down, but it is the dissolving pulp production line of the first paper mill in China after the removal of the textile Ministry and the Ministry of light industry. In 2012, China's first dissolving pulp Organization (China Paper Association dissolving pulp Committee) was established to mark China's dissolution. The pulp industry has entered an orderly development stage.
    In the first stage, the concept of industrial safety was not put forward, even if it was of little significance, because the planned economy was carried out in China and the output of dissolved slurry was less. The second stage, which is the current stage, is not only facing the domestic market operation, but also facing the challenge of international trade. Because the production capacity of our country is only about 1 million 300 thousand tons, the scale of industrialization has been greatly developed compared with 2010, but there is still a gap of more than 2 million 300 thousand tons in the demand of dissolving pulp in our country. Compared with other major producers of dissolving pulp, China's dissolving pulp industry is still at the initial stage. In this case, how to ensure the smooth development of the slurry industry? How to ensure the safety of the supply of dissolving pulp in our country? How to make the dissolving pulp industry in our country bigger and stronger? Under these problems, the safety issue of the slurry industry emerges.
    Safety status of dissolving pulp industry in China
    Current global deliverability distribution of slurry
    In 2017, the global slurry production capacity has reached 8 million 436 thousand tons per year, an increase of 555 thousand tons / year compared to 2016, and its increase mainly comes from new production and dissolving projects in countries such as China and Indonesia. The main production areas of global dissolving pulp are America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Among them, the Americas accounted for 44%, Africa accounted for 13%, Europe accounted for 15%, and Asia accounted for 28%. Thus, two regions in the Americas and Asia accounted for 72% of the global dissolving pulp capacity, and the global dissolving pulp capacity distribution is relatively concentrated in these two regions. After refining the four main producing areas, the distribution proportion is: the Americas part, the US account for 24%, Canada accounts for 11%, and Brazil account for 9%. Africa is mainly South Africa, accounting for 13%. Europe is mainly in Norway, Sweden, Czech, Finland, Austria and other countries, accounting for 15%. Asia, Indonesia and India account for 8%, while Japan and Thailand account for 5% and China accounts for 15%. From the perspective of refinement, the United States, China and Europe are the main production bases for dissolving pulp. China is the second largest producer of dissolving pulp after the US.

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